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Care Coordination

We help to remove the barriers gender-diverse people face in the academic, legal, and healthcare systems through guidance and direct support.

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Medical Referral Letters

We can provide medical referral letters for gender-affirming health care such as top surgery or hormone therapy.


Legal Name & Gender Marker Change

We can guide you through the complicated process of changing your legal name or gender marker on official documents.


LGBTQ+ Friendly Resources

We’ll connect you with LGBTQ+ friendly doctors, therapists, and more.


Short-Term Supportive Counseling

Speak with licensed social workers about the dynamics you face as a gender-diverse person.


Gender-Inclusive Community Group

Join other gender-diverse people each week in a casual, welcoming environment. We offer groups for ages 18-29 and 30+.


Parent/Caregiver Support Group

This seven-week group aids parents/caregivers of gender-diverse children of all ages in developing a fuller understanding of gender-diversity and in supporting their child along their gender journey.


Partner Support Group

An open drop-in group for partners of gender-diverse loved ones, seeking support and community while learning to navigate gender’s impact on relationships (restarting this Fall).


TransParent Support Group

TransParent provides connection and support to caregivers of gender-diverse children, helping them to understand, accept, and support their child as they live as their authentic self.

Counseling & Community Groups

Gender-diverse people and their loved ones face new dynamics in their relations with each other, their community, and themselves.

We offer a safe space to learn, process, and confidently live as your authentic self.

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Education & Advocacy

We offer seminar-style trainings for schools, counselors, businesses, and government agencies aimed at increasing understanding of gender-diversity and helping to foster a safe, inclusive space, and we engage with schools and employers to adopt practices and support plans that affirm gender-diverse students and employees.

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We could not have gotten through this time without help from you and I cannot emphasize enough how grateful we are for your support and assistance through something we had no idea how to navigate on our own!

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